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PARIS La Maison Maille French Store

PARIS La Maison Maille French Store

Boutique Details

Paris Place de la Madeleine
6, place de la Madeleine

Phone : 01 40 15 06 00

Monday to Saturday 10h–19h
Bank holidays from 11h–18h


In the center of Paris, Place de la Madeleine, sits a beautiful Maille boutique. Here, hundreds of bottles and dozens of beguiling mustards scale the walls with distinctive, complex and audacious flavors to satisfy even the most demanding taste buds. The Maille Mustard Sommelier offers you to taste.

Taking pride of place is a row of gleaming, ingeniously engineered pumps. For it’s here, drawn by hand, that your selection of condiment is freshly filled into earthenware pots and carefully sealed with cork stoppers. Delicate vinegars, playful vinaigrettes, luxurious tableware and unique gifts for food lovers are also to be found, all accompanied by inspiring food tips and recipes to take home with you.

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