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SYDNEY La Maison Maille Australia Store

SYDNEY La Maison Maille Australia Store

Boutique Details

Bridgepoint Shopping Centre
1-3 Brady Street,
Spit Junction,
NSW 2088

Phone : +61 (02) 9968 1435

Monday to Friday 7.30am–9pm
Saturday 7am–7pm
Sunday 8am–6pm


The second La Maison Maille shop-in-shop boutique in Australia opened its doors in July 2014 in Sydney, Mosman area. La Maison Maille in Mosman is housing two fresh mustard pumps serving Chablis mustard and Sauternes mustard drawn on tap, along with 24 varieties of Maille mustards, vinegars, dressings and gherkins.

The world’s most exclusive mustard ‘Maille Chablis white wine and black truffles’, is available. Coming directly from Paris to Australia by air, this special blend of elegant flavors includes wine sourced from Chablis, the renowned Burgundy wine region and black truffles from Provence in France.

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