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A Travelling Foodie

A Travelling Foodie

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What does a foodie look for when travelling?

Travelling for many people is about, the adventure, the weather, the experience and more. But to a foodie it’s all about the food experience.







Bonjour Bonjour!


I love to travel for food and I believe this makes me a “serious foodie”, if that even exists. The reason I feel strong about this is because, when planning where our next trip will be, it always begins with the cuisine culture we will find at our desired destination.

I have however come to realise that I am not alone in this category of people, in fact most people I speak to consider themselves a travelling foodie.

So, this morning strolling down to our Maille boutique in London Piccadilly after some time, it dawned on me how foodie the area has become in just 4 years!

It is heaven on earth for a travelling foodie, there is the dried fruits and nuts store Carpo, the Japanese sweet shop Minamoto Kitchoan, Heavenly cheese from Paxton&Whitfield, Fortnum and Mason for mesmerising groceries, did I also mention the Queen shops here? The list doesn’t end there, you can experience the specialist Whisky shop opposite the Ritz Hotel, the centuries old Berry Bros. & Rudd for beautiful wines from around the world, macaron from Ladurée and of course my temple!

The Maille store with over 30 mustards, vinegars and cornichon, fresh served mustards from the pump and knowledgeable, happy staff to help you with your needs.

Maille London

This is what a foodie heaven sounds like, if this doesn’t make you want to book a trip to London, find some theme parks for your next trip, instead.

                 paxton and whitfield     Berry Bros and Rudd

               Fortnum and Mason     The Whiskey Shop







À la prochaine,

The mustard Sommelier

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