Holiday Season gifts for foodies?

Holiday Season gifts for foodies?

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I don’t want to land you into a panic, but it is the second half of November and I am sure many of you are stuck on Holiday Season gifts for foodies. Well it so happens that as a foodie in one of the oldest foodie brands in the world, I know a few things on the matter. No, just because we love exploring food and cooking it doesn’t mean that we want copious amounts of “cute” utensils, we have a specific brand we use, type or style that we like. It’s almost like fashion, only I know what I want and suits me, so don’t go there. Same goes for “fun” kitchen linen and don’t get me started on those boxes of mismatched spices and herbs that pop up everywhere during the holiday season! We buy small amounts and fresh from our favourite supplier. Gift me something with meaning, depth and the challenge of flavor exploration! Now there you got me! What better than a flavored fresh served mustard from the tap, or a vinegar that its recipe roots lay deep in French culture with alternative suggestions. This Holiday Season gift a foodie something that has substance, something to talk about just like Maille, that also served the royal courts, that the same products I taste and will experiment with, were tasted by the likes of Queen Victoria, Louis XV themselves and many more! BUT don’t fret we have you covered, see my 3 main recommendations below and a link to many more gifts and ideas:

1. The real hardcore foodie

You know the one that sends you into a worry spiral if they are coming to dinner! Well surprise them with our seasonal Parmesan cheese and white truffle mustard, just sit back and watch their surprised face.

The real hardcore foodie
2. The French food lover type

This is the one that when serving dinner always says “Bon appetit” and pronounces every French cheese properly, give them the gift of France in a bundle with this thoughtful mini picnic basket filled with Maille black truffle mustard served fresh from the pump and a mini Le Cresuet cocotte.

The French food lover type
3. The condiment lover

The one who will tell you how condiments are actually ingredients and they elevate dishes in an instance “If you are reading this, this is me, just saying!” A set of truffle galore, a beautiful thick balsamic vinegar with black truffle flavour to elegantly poor over Camembert…… and a Chablis white wine and black ruffle mustard, to add a dollop here and there, just because I can!

The condiment lover

For even more gift ideas search this link. Also stuck on Holiday Season recipes? Check out this link



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