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Maille opens a second boutique in Paris

Experience a Maille gem at the heart of the Carrousel du Louvre.

Carrousel du Louvre

This special location, a nod to Maille’s royal heritage, is your opportunity to discover and sample the original and exclusive mustard and vinegar creations, and to seek out some stylish gifts to give or to keep.

For more than 268 years, Maille’s expertise and creativity has lived on. Its story has always been closely linked to the personality of its founder, Antoine-Claude Maille, Master Vinegar Maker, whose daring creations quickly won over the most discerning palates, including that of King Louis XV. Official supplier to the most prestigious Courts of Europe - French, Russian, Austrian and Hungarian - Maille has been a symbol of excellence and of French culinary sophistication ever since. Today, Maille retains this prestigious heritage and, Monday to Sunday, welcomes you into its beautiful new setting at the heart of the Carrousel du Louvre to reveal original creations spanning over 40 varieties of mustards, vinegars and pickles.

Carrousel du Louvre

Waiting to be discovered at the heart of this special new location, Maille’s innovations and exclusive collections make either a stylish gift for a discerning palate, or one of the best possible souvenirs of Paris. Maille invites you to experience an array of taste sensations by sampling its creations, from the key classics to daring and unexpected mustard blends such as Chablis and morel or sun-dried tomato and Espelette pepper. Maille’s legendary mustards are exclusively served fresh from the pump at an elegant central bar. Food lovers will also soon find a major innovation: vinegar served at the bar. Two new and surprising vinegar recipes, made from Bordeaux and Sauternes wines, will be offered in an elegant engraved black ceramic bottle. So many reasons to (re)discover one of France’s oldest brands, whose expertise and creativity has been going strong since 1747.

Spring/Summer range The Maille Boutique at the Carrousel du Louvre:
99 rue de Rivoli – 75001 Paris
Level 0 – Allée du Carrousel.

Carrousel du Louvre