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Maille's new Limited Edition White Truffle mustard

On April 19 discover our Maille Mustard with White Alba Truffle.
Maille White Truffle Mustard

Bring the exquisite taste of white truffle to lighter dishes this summer with Maille's new Limited Edition White Truffle mustard.

This new freshly pumped mustard is perfect for al fresco dishes in the summer months.

Maille White Truffle Mustard

To celebrate La Maison Maille 270th anniversary, this special mustard will be served exclusively in a beautiful yellow jar hand crafted in the artisan Digoin pottery in Burgundy which has been making Maille jars for over a century.

Price: From $49.00 (available in 4.4 oz).

Maille's premium limited edition mustard combines the best ingredients - the finest white truffle from Alba and a light Chardonnay from Burgundy are expertly blended with Maille's signature creamy Dijon mustard from the South of France.

The Italian truffle has natural garlic notes, and when paired with the fruitiness of the Chardonnay, creates an intriguing fresh flavor that makes a delicious addition to lighter dishes. Enhance the flavors of your meal and take a simple dish to the next level – try with salads or enjoy with freshly baked, artisan bread.

- Stir into simple pasta dishes with a light grating of pecorino cheese
- Delicious as bruschetta, with sundried tomatoes and freshly baked focaccia
- Add as the final touch to a sophisticated crab blini
- Combine with extra virgin olive oil to create a salad dressing to enhance a beetroot and goats cheese salad or even summer roasted vegetables

Limited Edition White Truffle Mustard is available from April until September exclusively online at