Burgundy's mustard fields are in bloom

Burgundy's mustard fields are in bloom

07 July, Maille Discovery, Mustard Sommelier -

"Let me take you down
'cause I’m going to Mustard Fields…"
Perhaps the Beatles would have changed the lyrics of their song,
had they seen Burgundy's mustard fields in bloom.


Bonjour Bonjour !

I recently visited the historical French region Burgundy to shoot an episode of Movable Feast, the TV show hosted by the American magazine Fine Cooking.

I travelled to Paris on a Friday night from London and stayed for the night. Early in the morning I woke up, got my triple shot latte as a weapon to hand and took the train through endless fields until I spotted my beloved Charolais cows grazing on the green fields. This is the first sign you have reached Burgundy. The second is when you can see endless fields of bright yellow as the mustard plant blooms from May to June dominating the region.

yellow mustard fields in bloom
I must tell you that every time,
at this point of my journey,
my heart goes into a harmonious rhythm,
as I anticipate with excitement the glorious wine
and exquisite Burgundy dishes.

I picked up my rental car and went straight to the Maille boutique where I got some mustards for tasting and set off to Til-Châtel to meet Fabrice, the president of “The mustard farmer’s association of Burgundy”, and the Moveable Feast team. As soon as I got there, I knew I was with the right people: a bunch of enthusiastic foodies with whom I set off for the mustard fields to find the perfect spot for filming. The weather was totally on our side it was over cast with dark grey rolling clouds which made the yellow of the mustard fields seem like a force of positive energy fighting back the dark clouds! It was empowering and my visitors were in awe at the scene.

yellow large mustard fields in bloom

We did our filming whilst Fabrice explained how Maille supported the Burgundy region reclaim its mustard growing heritage. Fabrice, the Michelin starred chef Nicolas Isnard, and I narrated the journey of our mustard from crop to dish.

Stay tuned to discover the dishes created for the Moveable Feast!

Harry, your Mustard Sommelier

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