Christmas is not just about the Christmas tree

Christmas is not just about the Christmas tree

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And just like that here comes Christmas! I am here to help you overcome the stress of planning the perfect Christmas, what is the perfect Christmas though? I believe it is all about the atmosphere, about triggering all the senses, a tasty and well thought of menu, one where the starters, main and dessert are all connected, it is about covering all the taste bud needs, how many times have you thought “I want something sweet now”? Then there is the Christmas music, having a pre-set play list helps a lot! Smell and visual however are the big triggers I find, the smell of tasteful food cooking from the kitchen combined with the scents from the tables center-piece flowers and candles, Lots of candles, sets the perfect mood.

As I have always said “Food desire begins from the eyes!” In addition to well-presented plates, your table must also reflect your masterpiece, dress it up and dress it well, a beautiful seasonal tablecloth can be your focal point, in addition to the plates, tea towels, glassware and cutlery. Ensure you have a beautiful looking scented centrepiece with candles to set the mood, top it off with placing nametags to seat people according to how you believe they can get a conversation going to keep the Table alive.

You see it is really all about the thought you put into a Dinner party like Christmas, every year I get a Christmas notebook and start my planning, it helps me to not get lost in my endless creative dinner thoughts, begin with a theme, classic red and green or luxury blue and silver? If you take one thing from this article make it that! put all your thoughts on paper and you will find that your dinner party will steal the thunder from the Christmas tree.


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