Maille Discovery: our Digoin pottery

Maille Discovery:  our Digoin pottery

07 July, Maille Discovery -

When it comes to Maille products, quality and provenance are key – whether it’s olives from Provence for its oils, Chablis from Burgundy for its mustards, or Sauternes for its vinegar. But it doesn’t stop there. Even the mustard ceramic jars have a rich heritage!


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Did you know that our ceramic jars, the ones we serve our fresh mustard in, are handmade?

Come discover where these are crafted: let's go on a tour of our Digoin pottery!

La Manufacture de Digoin, the oldest pottery in the Loire Valley, has made ceramic jars for Maille for more than 100 years. Situated on a canal in Burgundy, the pottery was founded in 1875 as a family company. It manufactured everyday objects such as jugs, salt and mustard pots in the region of Digoin and Paray-le-Monial, which was dubbed ‘valley of the ceramics’ in around 1900 when it became home to some 40 ceramic manufacturers – specializing in everything from bricks to tiles.

After a few years of inactivity, la Manufacture de Digoin was given a new lease of life in 2014 when Corinne Jourdain – a former marketing specialist with a passion for traditional French manufacturing techniques – persuaded investors to restore the pottery’s ovens and production facilities.

Maille Manufacture de Digoin jar Maille mustard ceramic jars in oven

"Building a vision for the future based on the strength of the past

was her aim, so she took inspiration from the pottery’s history while bringing a contemporary approach to the production of the stoneware, introducing new colors and shapes to the designs.

Colorful Maille mustard ceramic jars


The natural minerals used to make the clay for the sandstone pots are transported by boat along the canal from Burgundy, Auvergne, Charente and Île-de-France. Then Burgundy craftsmen make and enamel each piece by hand, before firing them in a very hot oven (1250°C) to strengthen them and increase the quality of the seal. This handcrafted process, perfected over more than 140 years, means the finished artisanal products are perfect for storing mustards. And they make a charming addition to any table, too.


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