The Travelling Meals of your Life

The Travelling Meals of your Life

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When travelling there is always that place where you have one of the Meals of your life.




Bonjour Bonjour!


I recently visited Rome, I was alone for the first night as my sister, mother and partner were joining me the day after.

So, I was roaming the eternal city, which I adore, I was looking for somewhere to eat, late at night and desperate for some good food (as I always seem to be).

This is when I spotted “Ristorante Al 34” near Piazza di Spagna, it was packed so I thought it must be good, I had an amazing Saltimbocca alla Romana and a beautiful smooth house wine that was from the Abruzzo region and to complete my taste buds a tantalising Tiramisu which happens to be one of the best I have had.

Ristorante Al 34” near Piazza di Spagna Saltimbocca alla Romana Tiramisu Dish


The flavours, the atmosphere, the holiday mood all together made this one of the meals of my life. Yes, I have decided you can have more than one!

When alone one has time to contemplate, so I was thinking that everywhere you visit there is that one restaurant, eatery or side street vendor, that turns into one of the “Meals of your life”. One that you will remember all your life and tell whoever is visiting the location that they MUST visit.

The food in this place was just wonderful, I took my mother and sister the day after, and the day after that I took my mother, sister and partner, they probably thought I would keep returning and multiplying.

I would love to know what your “Meals of your life” are so please share with me @mustardmanuk or @MailleUK




À la prochaine,

The Mustard Sommelier

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