Tricolor celebrations for Bastille Day

Tricolor celebrations for Bastille Day

07 July, Maille Discovery -

Le 14 juillet c’est la fête nationale française! 
Do you know what Bastille Day is and why the French are celebrating on July 14th?

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Today we’re travelling back in time, approximately to the years when our brand was founded… join us on our journey to discover the origin of Bastille Day!

It was the year 1789 when on the 14th July the prise de la Bastille (the storming of the Bastille) set the end of the monarchie absolue in France. This turning point of the French Revolution is considered one of the main symbols of the French unification.

Celebrations, however, didn’t occur until 1880, when the French deputy Benjamin Raspail first suggested the adoption of the 14th July as the fête de la République française.

Interestingly, following a debate in the French senate in which the prise de la Bastille was judged to evoke sorrow and painful memories of the gory revolt to the sénateurs (the members of the senate), the decision was taken to make the Fête de la Fédération – honoring the unity of the French Republic in 1790 – the national celebration. By chance or not, both events happened on the same day of the year, the 14th July.

But let’s come back to modern times: how do the French celebrate their national holiday?

Traditionally, on the night before Bastille Day, the French gather to see the fireworks. This is followed by the bal du 14 juillet – also known as bal des pompiers: a series of parties hosted by France’s fire stations, which is why it is called 'the Fireman’s Ball'. On the morning of Bastille Day, people in Paris head to the Champs-Élysées to see the military parade.

Though Bastille Day is not celebrated in France exclusively. In fact, Francophiles across the globe celebrate Bastille Day. So, go put your beret and your blue and white striped shirt on. Get a baguette and some French Roquefort… and don’t forget your favorite Maille mustard! Let’s get the tricolor party started!

Get inspired by our recipes for Bastille Day: Trio Color Summer Salad & blue white and red Eggplant Skewers.

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