A tale of two regions: Maille black truffle and Chablis

What happens when the earthy treasures of Provence meet the bright vines of Burgundy? An iconic mustard is born.

Hunting for truffles with dogs


A marriage of flavours is a beautiful thing, and La Maison Maille has been a proud matchmaker for centuries. Sometimes ingredients make natural pairings, sometimes opposites attract, and sometimes – as with our signature Black truffle and Chablis mustard – they’re a cross-country union so memorable that we’ll wait half a year to taste it again.

The story of this very special mustard starts in two different regions of France. In Provence, nestled among the lavender fields, olive trees and soaring drama of the Alps, live one of the world’s most luxurious ingredients: the black truffle. Earthy, headily-scented and exquisitely rare, truffles can cost up to €1000 a kilo – but their flavour is priceless, enough to drive any gourmand giddy with excitement. Spend an afternoon with a truffle-hunter, and you see true devotion to great taste.


Black Truffle


The other half of the story begins 300 miles to the north, in the sweeping vineyards of Chablis, Burgundy – only a short drive from our beloved Dijon. Here, the cool weather produces a world-famous white wine; dry, steely and pure. Less fruity than its cousins from warmer climes, the bright notes of Chablis make it the perfect companion for the woody richness of black truffle. And so, two legendary French regions combine to live happily ever after in this most sublime of mustards.

But there is a third key ingredient: patience. Provence’s black diamonds are at their most intense in the autumn and winter months, and so that’s the only time we use them. But like the truffle-hunters, we know that waiting only makes the end result more magical.

September for us, then, means the return of our pinnacle mustard, drawn from the pump and served in a handsome burgundy stoneware jar. It means adorning risottos and steak with a decadent, aromatic spoonful. It means taking humble mashed potato and scrambled eggs to dizzy new heights of flavor. It means the finest taste of la belle France we can imagine.

Welcome back, Maille Black truffle and Chablis mustard. We’re so happy to see you.


Black truffle and Chablis mustard