Enjoy the taste of southern France with our new olive oil of Provence

Bring a touch of the Mediterranean to your summer cooking with Maille’s French artisanal olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Provence, AOC

The word ‘terroir’ is one you would normally associate with wine production and the combination of factors – including the soil, climate, and landscape – that give different wines their distinctive character. However, it’s a term that is now also associated with the production of olive oil. And if you consider that olive oil, just like wine, is a fruit juice that is acquired by the harvesting and then crushing of the fruit, it follows that the environment in which the olives are grown will play just as important a role in the end flavors of the oil as it does for wine.

When we decided to make a new Grand Cru olive oil, we visited Provence’s one hundred-year-old olive groves for quality olives bursting with flavor and provenance.

Outdoor dining

For those who love cooking – or those who simply enjoy good food – olive oil is a storecupboard must-have for a whole range of dishes. Whether added to homemade pesto, drizzled over pasta, used in salads dressings and marinades or given as a gift to a food-loving friend, our Grand Cru olive oil will bring a taste of Mediterranean sunshine to any recipe

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Provence, AOC

Create the perfect vinaigrette

For the perfect vinaigrette, combine three parts Maille Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Provence AOC, two parts vinegar or lemon juice and one part mustard (one of the best ingredients to emulsify a dressing – we recommend using Dijon Originale or Rosemary Honey Mustard). You can also add herbs, spices, garlic, or even fruit pulps, such as mango.
For a simple marinade to enhance the flavor of grilled meat or vegetables, mix two parts Maille Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Provence AOC, one part lemon or white wine vinegar and one part Rosemary Honey Mustard. Add garlic and sumac to create a Middle Eastern marinade, or try adding lime juice, turmeric and chopped coriander for an Indian twist.