FERRANDI Paris: The French School of Gastronomy



FERRANDI Paris is the prestigious French school of gastronomy, training generations of acclaimed chefs. The school has academic partnerships with major French and international institutions and its teaching body comprises of external chefs and permanent tutors, many of whom have been awarded the accolade of MOF (Meilleurs Ouvriers de France) – an illustrious contest honouring the very best men and women in their sphere of expertise.

Since it was founded in 1920, FERRANDI Paris continues to equip students from all over the world with the savoir-faire that forms the exceptional reputation of French gastronomy.

France is renowned throughout the world for its passion for fine cuisine and it is this passion that lies at the heart of FERRANDI Paris . As partners of Le Club Gastronomique, the chefs of FERRANDI Paris will be sharing their secrets and techniques to help you master the classics of French cooking.

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