The Secret of Sauternes Revealed

A delicacy as rare as black truffle and a prized companion to all types of dishes.


Sauternes is a hard flavor to come by, which makes it even more special.

A dinner party gift; a fine dining treat; a dusty bottle in the back of the cupboard? They’re not always appreciated the way they should be, but a great dessert wine is so much more than just a sweet end to a meal. It can be a delicacy just as rare as black truffle and a prized companion for all kinds of dishes, through the distinctive flavor of Maille Sauternes mustard – now making an eagerly awaited return to our collection.


Not many of the world’s most delicious stories begin with something called ‘noble rot’, but this one does. Also known as botrytis cinerea, the rot affects the Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle grapes grown in the Sauternes region, 40km south of Bordeaux – and it’s so noble because it causes the grapes to become partially raisined, producing a uniquely sweet, concentrated flavor.

It’s a hard flavor to come by, which makes it all the more special. Located between the River Garonne and its cooler tributary, the Ciron, the region’s changeable climate means that grape quality can vary wildly from vintage to vintage. But during warm, dry autumn days, the different rivers meet and mingle to form a mist, which descends on the vineyards and produces the perfect condition for noble rot to form and the grapes to transform. If that sounds slightly magical… well, it’s because it is.


Over the centuries Sauternes has been beloved by kings and presidents, poets, chefs and gourmands. One of the wine world’s most treasured varieties, it makes sense to marry that fruity, nutty, aromatic sweetness with mustard to create a regal, poetic and really rather delicious accompaniment to chicken, game and other favorites.

Served fresh from the pump and presented in a handsome stoneware pot, this very special seasonal Maille makes a beautiful gift for a food lover, a wine connoisseur, or just for your own table. Enjoy it now, while the climate is right. Order now.

sauternes jar