The World on a Plate

Jet away and discover a world of taste, without even leaving the table

maille, mustard, the world on a plate

Take a culinary tour this summer, with Maille matches for some of the globe’s most flavorful destinations

Some choose their vacation destinations for the culture. Some choose for the adventure, or luxury. And some choose their vacation destinations for the food, which – as we know at Maille – can mean culture, luxury and culinary adventure all rolled into one.

Great flavor makes meals memorable, but we believe truly exceptional flavor should take you somewhere else. A dash of la dolce vita, a drop of la difference and suddenly your plate is a window on another corner of the world. It’s this spirit of travel and exploration that great condiments can bring to your food, whether you’re eating in a far off land or your own back garden.

Take Maille’s Parmesan cheese, basil and white wine mustard. French in origin, but pure rustic Parma in spirit. We use the rich umami hum of the cheese as a base for fragrant basil and white wine, mimicking the way Italian chefs call on Parmesan more as a seasoning than an ingredient. Embrace that philosophy by stirring the mustard into an unctuous risotto, spooning it onto Carpaccio or adding it to béchamel for a next-level lasagna.

Or instead, pack your bags and journey east with Maille lemon and harissa, an homage to the headily perfumed souks of North Africa. Lemon’s clean, bright citrus twist cuts beautifully through the fire of Moroccan harissa and mellow, golden saffron, perfect for stirring into lamb, chicken or fish stews – and stirring your senses too.

maille, mustard, sauterne

For a taste both further afield and closer to home, how about the aromatic blend of white wine, mangoes and Thai spices, a natural companion to chicken or lamb, that conjures up the magic of Southeast Asia. Or swap the swimsuit for a sweater and go back to basics by pairing our Wholegrain Chardonnay, fresh from the pump, with a side of tender Scottish beef (fresh from the Highlands).

If your feet are twitching as much as your mouth is watering, now might be the time to book a vacation… or just visit the Maille boutique, and let us take you around the world in 50 unique flavors. No passport required.