Food is Love - do you celebrate Valentine’s day

Food is Love - do you celebrate Valentine’s day

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The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach and how better to say this than with a juicy steak for two, smeared in Black truffle mustard. After all, food is saying I love you.



Bonjour Lovers

Every year we are called to answer the question “do you celebrate Valentine’s day?. In which case you are either the type who will answer yes excitedly and proceeds to explain what you are doing for your loved one this year, or you are the type who says “I don’t believe in celebrating Love only once a year, I show it every day".  Admittedly I am of the second type, the difference is I do truly believe I show my love every day, through food of course!

This year however I am feeling in the “Tu es ma joie de vivre” mood, I want to set the atmosphere, with a beautiful table set up, candles a great wine (I would suggest a white malagousia or a red Sangrantino di Montefalco) and some jazzy romantic music. As for the taste buds? succulent  t-bone steaks with Chablis white wine and black truffle mustard, I think I am complete for the evening.


T-Bone steaks and Chablis white wine black truffle mustard

Sixty day dry aged T-Bone steak with Maille black truffle mustard


À la prochaine,

The Mustard Sommelier

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