Asparagus With Faux Hollandaise Sauce

Asparagus With Faux Hollandaise Sauce

<20 minutes, Occasion, Side, Vegetables -

Recipe created by: Runway Chef
Serves: 4


For Hollandaise Sauce:


For the asparagus:

  • 1 pound Asparagus 


      For the Hollandaise Sauce

      1. In a small bowl, stir together all ingredients until well combined. That’s it!


      For the asparagus:

      1. Trim the ends from a pound of fresh asparagus.
      2. Blanch for 3-5 minutes in boiling water
      3. Transfer to a serving platter and drizzle with faux hollandaise sauce


      This recipe has been conceived to pair with the Faux Hollandaise Sauce.