Maille Discovery: New Year’s Eve aperitif idea’s

Maille Discovery: New Year’s Eve aperitif idea’s

Are you looking for New Year’s Eve aperitif idea’s? so was I, but I have thought this through.

Bonjour Bonjour!

So, Time moves fast, and a New Year is upon us already

But with time comes change and dare I say progress, busier lifestyles, less time available and of course less energy. So, we all need to adapt, and this year as opposed to my heavy cooking for New Years eve, as is traditional in a Greek-Italian household, I have decided to go down the aperitif route. Yet many dishes, to fulfil that traditional need, of a New Year finding the household full of food but landed in the simplicity and ease of cooking this time!

I therefore went looking for New Year’s Eve aperitif idea’s and I have come up with some simple, yet flavorsome idea’s that will please my guests, make me proud but not tired after a full day of cooking.

An evening that at last I too can enjoy, not facing a New Year with a tired looking face as I hold a glass of well-deserved champagne!

Now I have time to dress up, dress the house, create an atmosphere and ascend the steps to my terrace to watch the Amsterdam New Year’s Eve fireworks, with a spring in my step, happy guests and what will hopefully be a great start to a New Year.

So, here are my recipe’s that I am very happy to share with you, let myself and the team know how your evening went! @themustardsommelier @Maille


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