The Best Winter Aperitif Cocktails and Food Recipes by Maille

The Best Winter Aperitif Cocktails and Food Recipes by Maille

11 November, Maille Foodies, Maille Lifestyle -

Host a Winter Aperitif and get inspired by our food recipes and cocktail ideas. 


Bonjour Bonjour!

We’re halfway through the Autumn; temperatures are getting chilly and the sun sets earlier. We might prefer to spend more time indoors, in the cosiness of our homes. Still, we still want to enjoy time with friends, family or colleagues, especially now that the festive season is almost knocking on the door. Have you ever thought about hosting a winter aperitif? Let us inspire you with our ideas for an atypical apéritif d’hiver.

First things first, let’s prepare the drinks. At Maille we love to dare and explore unusual recipes. Ever tried to make a cocktail with mustard or vinegar?

Try our cocktail recipes with Maille flavoured moutardes et vinaigres:


For an alcohol-free alternative, you can omit the vodka from the Mango à la Maille recipe and substitute the orange juice with grapefruit juice. Thanks to its sourness, the vinegar will tickle the back of your throat and burn just as if it was vodka, though it’s a mocktail.

maille dijon kale chips

Now that we’ve got the drinks sorted, let’s talk food.

Our favourite Maille party nibbles are undoubtedly the Dijon Mustard Kale Chips and the Chips à la Maille. Crunchy & pungent, there’s won’t be even a crumb left – Maille’s honour! 

To add even more of a French touch, slice up a freshly baked baguette and serve some French Brie, Roquefort and Comté cheese.

maille chips a la maille

No apéritif is complete without a jar, or maybe two, of Maille cornichons. Seriously addictive, one leads to another, so you better stock up on these in order not to leave your guests unsatisfied. Nothing beats the crunchiness of our mini cornichons classique, which makes them the perfect apéritif snack. Our gherkins with caramelized onions and white wine vinegar are a crowd pleaser, but why not try them also in our cayenne chilli peppers or sweeter variant?

Maille cornichons aperitif gherkins

And there you go; you’re apéritif d'hiver is ready. 

À votre santé,
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