7 Recipe Ideas: a Week of Autumn Recipes

7 Recipe Ideas: a Week of Autumn Recipes

09 September, Maille Foodies -

This year, September equinox will be on Friday 22nd. Celebrate Autumn day with seasonal recipes and get inspired by our meal prep ideas for a whole week.


Bienvenue Automne!

You might have already noticed the leaves starting to turn golden-brown, heart-warming colours contrasting the chilling breeze as you take a stroll on a Sunday afternoon. It feels like being part of Renoir’s Le Pont d’Argenteuil en automne.

At Maille, we love the coming of autumn especially because we love exploring the flavors of the season’s produce. Butternut squash, cauliflower, celeriac, spinach, wild mushrooms…get inspired by our 7 recipe ideas for a delicious autumn meal:

Maille mushroom risotto recipe

Mushrooms are a seasonal favorite because their versatility leaves a lot of space for creativity! They make luscious sauces, earthy sides to meat or fish, not to mention the oomph they add to any risotto. Try our Wild Mushroom Truffle and Herb Risotto: half a cuillerée à soupe of Maille Black Truffle mustard is already enough for a rich, hearty flavor. Is your mouth already watering?

Maille mushroom on toast recipe

Need a recipe idea for leftover mushrooms? Here’s our Tuesday Tip: Mushroom on Toast. A simple recipe that will make you want to indulge in the dinner moment a little bit longer. Quick & easy to prepare yet so satisfying – it will make you go mmmm... at the very first bite. Délicieux!

Maille cauliflower puree recipe

In the middle of the week, with lots of things still on schedule and a few more days to go until the weekend, it’s important to take care of your bien-être. Try our Black Truffle mustard in our Cauliflower Pureé recipe. So delicious, you’ll go back for seconds… and you’ll quickly get 2 out of your 5-a-day.

Maille celeriac risotto recipe

Running out of inspiration on Thursday? We’ve got you covered with this recipe idea for dinner: Celeriac Risotto. Follow a few simple steps and add a tablespoon of our Parmesan and Basil mustard for a creamy and subtle taste. Le diner est servi.

Maille fennel tart recipe

#TGIF – Thanks God It’s Fennel
It’s finally Friday and we bet you can’t wait to have a few drinks after work with your colleagues or friends. Invite them over to try this Fennel Tart: perfect for sharing, it can be prepared beforehand so all you have to do is BYOB. À votre santé!

Maille butternut squash recipe

You think salads are only made for the summer? Bet we can make you change your mind with this autumn recipe: roasted Butternut Squash Salad with pomegranate seeds and goat cheese; servir tiède. Sweet. Tangy. Creamy. There’s nothing not to love about it.

Maille spinach and salmon soup recipe

What best way to finish the week other than with a comforting soupe? Enjoy a moment of relaxation and load on energy for the upcoming week with this Spinach and Salmon Soup. Hearty, warming and full of goodness.


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